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Welcome To Advanced Hypnotherapy®

Barbara Lynn Allen, M.S., CCHT, D.CEP


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The Advanced Hypnotherapy® process offers you expert, supportive guidance to resolve your most pressing problems NOW. As you heal you will discover clarity, inner peace, self-understanding and even self-love.

Advanced Hypnotherapy® is a state of the art, integrative therapy that goes beyond ordinary hypnosis or conventional talk therapy to heal problems and issues at their root cause, while relieving the stress and discomfort of your most pressing concerns rapidly.

In a warm, welcoming, professional environment you are guided step by step to change your limiting beliefs, heal your emotional pain and enrich your relationships using a skillful application of powerful, proven breakthrough hypnotic, energetic and cognitive methods perfected over many years with hundreds of clients.

Barbara offers you a rich array of healing, clearing and coaching tools including: compassionate, skillful counseling, self-hypnosis, EFT, EMDR, NLP, Age regression, Reiki, chakra/meridian healing, eye movement therapy, inner child healing, breath work, past life journeys (a new innovative way to deep healing), negative karmic ties release, and more.

 Each session is structured for your individual needs and pace, and offers a powerful healing experience.

As you relax and go deeper, you will experience profound inner healing and transformation:


Habits (nail biting, hair pulling, more)
Recovery process
Performance anxiety (speaking, sports, exams)
Insomnia (long standing or recent)
Career transitions
Emotional crises

Even your most difficult or troubling behavior, habits, feelings and patterns will change permanently as you transform core beliefs, old scripts and emotional wounds at the heart of your issues.

It works because Advanced Hypnotherapy® provides gentle access to the richness of your deep subconscious, your inner wisdom as well as your hidden limiting beliefs and motivations.

Now you can heal the effects of past decisions, traumas and circumstances at the deepest level by strengthening your own inner resources and healing the past, to enable dynamic life changes.


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